Janhvi Stands Winner in CodinGo – an Online Coding Competition

We are proud of Janhvi Sharma, student of School of Engineering & Technology from Mody University on scoring the first position in CodinGo – an online coding competition. Jahnavi Sharma 1st Prize  Mody University Janhvi Stands Winner in CodinGo   an Online Coding CompetitionIEEE SB, Mody University has conducted the online coding competition for those students across the country who want to test their programming skills and develop them further. This test was hosted on HackerEarth platform with 3 questions of different difficulty levels.  Besides, Janhvi, Suneet Jain from Bennett University also scored the same and  Neha Singhal from IIT-B stood second.

IEEE SB, ModyUniversity is one of the most active student branch at the University where the senior members of the team connect with their fellow juniors on a regular basis to mentor and help them with coding to become a better coder. IEEE SB, Mody University gives students a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals, who drive innovation in countless technical fields. Students get involved in branch activities, social and technical meetings, outreach programs, conferences, local section or regional opportunities, etc. that can help develop a record of accomplishment and capabilities beyond the norm.