Tips for Students to Utilize Time during Lockdown

In this pandemic lockdown, when we all are required to stay at home to keep ourselves as well as others safe, it might have become challenging for few to cope up with this situation. Here are few tips for students to still remain productive in this crisis situation. Not that these tips are the only solutions to handle the situation but they are definitely among one of the smart ways to utilize the time industriously.

Set your Routine: Plan out your day in a systematic manner – prioritize your work so that you don’t miss out important tasks or procrastinate your assignments or studies. Make the goal and work accordingly. The best way to do it is to make the schedule and once you have chartered the outline of your schedule then ensure you follow it without digression. The schedule should block out your tasks including study time to meals and breaks.

Read for Pleasure: If you have been among those who have been making resolutions to read books and couldn’t manage time during regular days, this is the right time for you to start cultivating the habit of reading books for pleasure. You can conveniently indulge in the habit to keep yourself busy and occupied for a longer duration during social distancing. This time is obviously best for avid readers to update their reading treasure.

Be Creative: You can explore your hobbies and plan out creative activities that may unleash the potential by trying hands on your favorite passion. One can use the time to work out on the creative side of the personality and allocate dedicated time to practice it. It can be Dance, Music, Craft making, Cooking, Knitting, Writing; any skill that gives you pleasure can be best tried hands on.

De-Stress Yourself: There are various ways to de-stress and utilize the lockdown period. You may choose to do Mediation or Yoga to relive not only the physically but also the internal soul and thoughts. This will help students put a curb to the anxiety and advance positivity in the mind and thoughts.

Skill up new learning: Social distancing restricts movement but doesn’t refrain from online learning to upscale the professional skills. Students can add on the professional skills by enrolling into new language learning, computer course or online vocational programs. This will act as an edge up acumen in their resume.

Research and Projects: The lockdown has provided enough time for students to engross themselves in initiating the new projects or complete their pending research by writing quality articles. Online e-library and e-resources can be utilized to validate the inquisition and one may charter out academic or non- academic research projects

Amid this coronavirus crisis, Mody University has ensured that its students learning continue at its usual pace. Online classes and assessments are being planned meticulously and organized by the faculty to deliver quality education. Students have also started enjoying their online classes sharing their feedback on continuous learning.  Lastly, stay safe and hygienic. Keep your surroundings clean, and in case you fall ill, prioritize your health.