A Special Talk on Cyber Law

blog A Special Talk on Cyber Law
A Special Talk on Cyber Law, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic was organized on 15 th October
2019 at School of Law, Mody University, Lakshmangarh. The program was set in motion by the
inaugural speech delivered by Prof. Satish C. Shastri, Dean, School of Law, Mody University.
The Hon’ble Guests Dr C.B. Sharma (Retd. IPS), Mr. Mudit and Mr. Sachin Sharma who are the
members of the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) addressed the students and illuminated
them on Cyberspace and the incidental issues.

The first Session was addressed and orated by Hon’ble Dr C.B. Sharma (Retd. IPS) Sir who
shared his extended knowledge about cybercrime and its ingredients. He also discussed the
various provisions of law dealing with the evidence process (digital evidence), its Admissibility,
Relevancy and Reliability under Cyber Space. Provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000
and Indian Evidence Act and their practical utility were delineated to the students. Information
today is the biggest asset and its security is the need of the hour. Respected Sir elucidated how
the computer is being used as a tool as well as a target for commit cyber-crimes such as hacking,
skimming, phishing, cyber terrorism, stalking, cyber bullying, identity theft etc. Lastly, he
highlighted upon the International aspect wherein details of the European Union Model of Data
Security i.e. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Personal Data Protection Bill as
introduced in 2018 in India were briefly discussed.

During the next Session, Mr. Mudit addressed the students on the safe use of social media and
expounded the various guidelines regulating the privacy issues. He discussed the practical
aspects and activities done in the cyberspace and how that results in the leakage of one’s
sensitive and personal information to the unauthorized users. He enlightened the students with
respect to the protection of their information shared by them online; for example, making
changes in personal settings, location and camera setting, Redressal portals, use of secure
hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP.) etc. while using social networking sites.

After this, Mr. Sachin Sharma addressed the students with respect to e-banking and the online
frauds that take place and how one should be aware while sharing their information or using their
ATMs, Credit Cards, etc. He also discussed various safety norms and measures which need to be
kept into consideration while dealing with cyberspace. The legal age of using the various social
networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, etc. was thrown light upon, about
which majority of the people in the country are not aware of. In addition to this, various helpline
websites and portals were made known to the students in case any reporting of data misuse is
required to be made.

The students were inquisitive with regard to the subject matter had so many questions popping
up in their minds. Henceforth, an Interactive session followed wherein, the students got the
opportunity to put their queries where they posed questions with regard to dark web,
international data protection issues, use of open Wi-Fi and various other issues.

After the Interactive Session, the Cyber Talk came to an end and mementoes were presented by
Prof. Satish C. Shastri, Dean, School of Law, Mody University to the Hon’ble Guests which was
followed by the National Anthem.