Fresher’s Party ‘Angels and Demons’ by FASC

‘Freshers’ Party’ is the most awaited event at the inception of the semester at any University. The innovative and promising tradition at Faculty of Arts, Science & Commerce at Mody University of Science and Technology, Laxmangarh, Sikar adds new glorious dimensions to such events. The intractable excitement was palpable in the air when the theme of the ‘Freshers’ was announced for this year – Angels and Demons. All freshers were encouraged to dress up accordingly.

The much-awaited event got an auspicious start with lightening of lamp by Honourable Dean-FASC, Prof. Sunil Jakhoria. After Ganesh Vandana, a pageant of first year students dressed up as adorable Angels and diabolical Demons had a ramp walk, during which they not only introduced themselves but also shared their aspirations and dreams with all of us. Few students chose poetry as a medium of expression to narrate their experiences about their first few weeks in the University, one of such heart touching attempt was made by Miloni, a BA first year student.


My first step here I remember,

Trying to know everyone’s timber

Entering the huge gate with so much safety,

Rules here are so much weighty.

Meeting sister ma’am was quite homely,

Never, then, I felt lonely.

First day I remember there was heavy rain,

But it brought rainbow on campus plane

Sisterly seniors, remarkable teachers,

Warden ma’am, here, lovingly feed us

Fatherly Dean Sir here to guide us,

At every wrong step reminds as angel

Business English certificate classes,

Will be useful for ages

Lucky is the one, who catches a shuttle, 

Beautiful peacocks roam and flutter

Heavenly Tapovan is our spiritual asset,

The food of mess is sacrament,

With that we are blessed.

Evening sport is a beautiful pulpit,

Whosoever comes finds her fit 

So and such my Mody is!


The energy of students was electrifying the whole ambience which was divided in three rounds for the selection of the best students among the lot. The panel of judges had a very tough decision to make, but ultimately crowned Durgesh Nandini Gaur, a B.Sc. student as “Miss Fresher 2014”.

At the end of the program, Prof. Sunil Jakhoria, Dean shared his happiness and motivated the students to touch new goals in their life. He also announced the office bearers of the three student societies- Vidushi (Academic society), Gunjan (Cultural society) and Pratispardha (Sports society). Shivangi Bansal, Sayesha Lakhina and Silky Sharma were selected as secretaries of VidushiGunjan and Pratispardha respectively for the academic session 2014-15.

Music filled the air as students danced on the groovy tunes played by the DJ, and the memorable Freshers’ Party came to an end with a Vote of Thanks. The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. Vishwanath Prasad, President, Mody University.