‘Law & Financial Reforms’- A Book by Dr. R. S. Solanki

news1 ‘Law & Financial Reforms’  A Book by Dr. R. S. SolankiDr. R.S. Solanki, Assistant Professor in Faculty of Law has recently got a book published, titled ‘Law & Financial reforms’ from a well known publishing house – Regal publications, New Delhi. The work encompasses Financial Reforms since 1990’s, Banking and Capital Market reforms, Financial and Banking legislation, developments in the Insurance sector and the rise of the monolith – the SEBI . The book also offers some insights into the futurology of financial sector.

news2 ‘Law & Financial Reforms’  A Book by Dr. R. S. SolankiThe book provides readers with a comprehensive guide to the laws relating to financial reforms, a bi-product of liberalization & globalization. From socialist economy to capitalist economy, law has always played an important role. An attempt is made to analyze the financial reforms in context of law and its social implications. Every possible care has been taken to incorporate the major legislative provisions in relation to financial market, focusing on Banking, Capital and Insurance sector. More than that, the proposed legislation by the B. N. Sri Krishna Commission on Financial reforms, the Indian Finance Code Bill has also been given its due. All in all, the legal perspectives and challenges of these reforms and possible ways to be out of them is the theme of this book.

Finally the theme and the comprehensive content of the book make it equally useful for students from non-law streams like Commerce & Management, which also cannot remain untouched by these financial reforms and the law which deals with it.