Rhetorica 5.0 – A literary Fest

Rhetorica 5.0 – a literary fest was organized by School of Engineering and Technology at Mody University recently.The inaugural ceremony kicked off with lightening of the lamp by the dignitaries followed by SaraswatiVandana in the presencethe distinguished guests Dr. Sanjay Rai, Professor, IIT-BHU and Dr. V. K. Jain, Dean SET and many other University officials. The event proceeded conduct of a workshop named the Scribbled Stories. The workshop was based on creative writing, micro fiction and story writing which were taken by the co-founder OmairTarique and Ansab Amir Khan. Alongside various informal games like laser tag, the unfair game etc. were organized to entertain the students.

img 1 Rhetorica 5.0   A literary Fest

The second day of the event witnessed MUN as the highlight of the day where students had met in formal acts and discussed the global issues in the roles of diplomats. It was an open event where the college had invited external participants as well. To moderate and guide the committees, the members of the executive board were also outsiders. One of the board members at the panel was MsRachita Chawla – an alumniof the University.

The executive board explained the rules of procedures to the three committees namely UNGA DISEC, UNHRC and LOK SABHA.

img2 1 Rhetorica 5.0   A literary Fest

After the committees discussions an informal game based on The Harry Potter was organized for The Potter heads. The game included four teams and four rounds for students. After each round the teams were eliminated and few were left to follow up. The game was a mix of jumbles spells, character names and names from the series itself. One could witness the joy in the player’s eyes as everyone was excited to prove themselves as the biggest Potter head in the house. The winner was given a special gift based on the movie itself. The day ended with a bang here.

On the final day, everyone was equally excited to move forward in the day. The delegates were eager to draft the solution, the IP team was thrilled to give out the report and thephotographers were all set to click the best from the day. The committees were high on the speed and moved with fast pace. The delegates were debating and the organizing committee was practicing their duty. Post lunch the committees ended and everyone moved for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony awarded the prizes to winners from each committees. The best delegate from UNGA DISEC was Russia, from UNHRC was United Kingdom and from Lok Sabha was Rahul Gandhi. Various other awards like high commendation, special mentions and verbal mentions were alsoannounced.

The secretariat that included the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General Ms. GunishaChaturvedi and the Director General Ms. Aanavi Gupta along with the USGs and ASGs of the various teams like the delegation affair, the finance team, the design and decoration, the security, the media team and the accommodation team were felicitated by mementos as an appreciation. The executive board members were given mementos created by the team Enactus that focuses on various causes. They had built the bags all out of waste. A movie was played showing the happiest moments of this journey and the event was concluded.