A Platform to showcase Talents!-Mody University is about to build a 50-Crore Auditorium Complex at the campus

A Platform to showcase Talents!-Mody University is about to build a 50-Crore Auditorium Complex at the campus

The dais of culture, creativity and talent-an auditorium fosters the spirit of the university and plays an important role in the campus life. It is a witness to all the celebration and is the perfect venue to showcase all the latent talents of the students. It is a beautiful platform to enjoy performances in varied field.

Mody University of Science and Technology, adorned with greenery, is the perfect fusion of education, beauty and nature. At the lush green 265 acres campus in Lakshmangarh, Rajasthan, and the ‘tranquil’ ambiance, the university is planning to build one of the best auditoriums in Rajasthan. The 50-crore auditorium complex will include a state-of the-art main auditorium, a mini auditorium, and a multi-cuisine cafeteria.

Mody University is a university which always goes beyond books and believes in imparting a complete education. An education which enables women to becomes the “Leaders of Tomorrow!” and also nurtures their hidden talents instilling confidence in them-giving them the perfect exposure. Keeping this in mind, the beautiful auditorium is being built at the campus.

auditorium 2 420x236 A Platform to showcase Talents! Mody University is about to build a 50 Crore Auditorium Complex at the campus


The grand academic buildings, magnificent dining hall-where students dine in the warmth of togetherness, student hostels which have comforts of a home, philosophical Shila-Lekhs and spiritual Tapovan makes the whole campus of Mody University so beautiful and. But the auditorium will now make it the most unique campus in India making it stand out amongst others.

The grand auditorium, with a seating capacity of over 1100 will provide the students with the best amenities and have excellent sight-lines and acoustics. Designed as a “shoe-box” enclosure, the auditorium will have an expensive stage built for large theatrical performances, symphony and orchestra, drama and plays, and dance and music programs. For uninterrupted phenomenal performances, large height has been placed above the stage to facilitate flying scenery, screens and professional stage lighting solutions. The auditorium will boast of the best sound quality which is planned for movie projection, panel discussions, invited lectures, and other cultural and educational programs. The double-height Entrance Foyer will further enrich the ambience of the auditorium with aesthetically designed scheme of sculptures, murals and paintings. A beautiful double storied glass facade will separate the entrance foyer interiors with the greenery outside-blurring the “inside-outside” line of separation. Each construction in Mody University blends wonderfully with greenery that beautifies the campus. And hence, the entrance and side foyers will have ample plantations. Foyers will be provided with maximum natural lighting and strategically located skylights. The interesting ceiling design envisaged for the entrance foyer with a coffered ceiling and intermittent skylights.

auditorium 3 420x279 A Platform to showcase Talents! Mody University is about to build a 50 Crore Auditorium Complex at the campus

Adjacent to the main auditorium, there will be the Mini Auditorium which will be built to foster the intra-audience interaction. With a seating capacity of about 300, the auditorium will have a “fan shaped” design and will be a perfect venue for seminars, question-answer sessions and similar events.  State of the art audio systems and video projection systems will enhance the performances further. The “Thrust Stage” concept will facilitate closer interaction between the stage occupants and the audience.

A place to share, a place to enjoy and praise the food which titillates the taste buds-accommodating 184 diners at a time on ground floor and mezzanine, Mody University is also planning to build World-Cuisine Cafeteria in the auditorium complex. This will be the second cafeteria on the campus in addition to the main Dining Hall. There is nothing beautiful than dining amidst the nature while savouring sumptuous dishes. And hence an expensive glass enclosure will be placed which will separate the interiors with the greenery outside. Maximum natural lighting will be allowed vide ample glazing and strategically located skylights.  Here, the students will enjoy mouth-watering international cuisines of Italy, Mexico, China, and Thailand along with palatable Indian food.

Mody University endeavours to create a magical ambiance for the students along with academics with this grand auditorium. The whole complex is expected to be ready much before the scheduled date of March, 2015. Students will be able to enjoy this beautiful complex much earlier-in January, 2015!