Siddham Impetus Two organised by College of Arts, Science and Humanities

SIDDHAM Mathematical Society (SMS) under the aegis of Department of Mathematics, College of Arts, Science and Humanities (CASH), Mody University, has organized Siddham Impetus Twoof Siddham Mathematics Olympiad 2018. About 130 mathematic enthusiasts from different Colleges of Mody University, like College of Engineering and Technology (CET), College of Management, Business, Economics and Commerce (COBMEC), students from the College of Law and Governance (CLG) and CASH took part in Mathematics Olympiad.

The programme, specially designed to create interest and fervor among the students of Mody University, is the brainchild of Dr. Atul Kumar, Dean, CASH. The event is a one-hour test with 40 questions where participants have to answer the questions based on their mathematical knowledge they have acquired through their entire learning in schools and colleges. Lauding the efforts of Dr Kumar, JitendarBinwal, Associate Professor in Mathametics, CASH, said “ Under the able guidance of DrAtul Kumar we have been able to conduct this programme successfully. It is because of his enthusiasm and knowledge that SMS was created and it’s heartening to see the enthusiasm of both students and our faculty members towards mathematics, a subject which is otherwise so feared by all”