Workshop held on psychotherapy; participants given certificates from West Texas A&M University, USA.

A one-day workshop on “Motivational Interviewing and System Outcome Management” was organized on 11thJanuary 2018at the Psychology Section of College of Arts, Science and Humanities (CASH) in Mody University. The workshop was held in association with the West Texas A&M University, USA, Inspire Life &BharatiyaCouselling Psychology Association. Dr Keyoor Joshi, Assistant Professor, West Texas A&M University, USAand  Dr.ApurvaPandaya, Psychologist Inspirelife were the facilitators during the workshop.
Motivational Interviewing is a psychotherapeutic approach which moves an individual towards finding an intrinsic motivation to make positive decisions and accomplish established goals. Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) was introduced for the first time in India at various psychological institutions and colleges, including Mody University. The important aspect of the workshop is to strengthen the client feedback system and to promote evidence based practice in counselling field.
The facilitators shared their experiences in the field of psychology and revealed the good, the bad and the ugly face of the counselling practice. The workshop was very interactive which include client- therapist role plays, focused mainly upon rapport building and alliance between the two. They turned out to be very effective as they revealed practical challenges which the therapists might face while attending the clients and these problems can’t be learnt about with theoretical learning. Interactive sessions and ice-breaking group activities made the workshop more interesting.
Substance abuse disorderwhich is one of the most common counselling concerns was also appraised. The budding psychologists learnt add on techniques which work with almost every psychotherapy and ultimately improve the counselling practice.
55 participants were awarded participation certificates from the West Texas A&M University, USA.