Acuite Ratings & Research Sr. Vice President – Ratings Joins SMS Industry Advisory Committee

Anthony Jose, Sr Vice President – Ratings, Acquite Ratings & Research, has joined SMS
Industry Advisory Committee. Antony is responsible for improvements existing rating
operations and processes at Acquite with an aim to deliver better quality in services and at the
same time ensure adhere to extant regulatory guidelines. He had a long tenure with CRISIL
before joining Acquite. He is a Post Graduate in Business Management from SP Jain Institute of
Management and Research.

Acquite was incorporated in 2005 as SMERA Ratings as an initiative of Ministry of Finance
(GOI) and Reserve Bank of India (RBI), to facilitate credit rating of bank borrowers. Starting off
with the SME sector, SMERA evolvged into a full-serice rating agency over the years. To
demonstrate the transformation in its business by reinventing its brand identity and positioning, it
became Acuité Ratings & Research – which focus on providing Bond & Bank Loan Ratings,
Economic Analysis and Financial Research services.

Acuité (pronounced as 'a.kui.te'), a french derivation from the word 'acuity', implies a sharp
vision in terms of expertise, opinion and purpose. It believes its incisive knowledge and opinions
presented through Ratings & Research act as the strong foundation for empowering the entire
financial ecosystem.