Placements Galore at Mody University, Lakshamangarh – Infosys Campus Recruitment Process

Once again the students of Mody University have come out with flying colours in the Campus Recruitment Drive. A total of 100 students have been selected in the Campus Recruitment Drive of Infosys, which is the second company on campus during the placement session 2014–15 for its Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
Infosys visited Mody University for the Sixth time on 19th and 20th September, 2014 and selected undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology of the University in triple digit.
As told by the HR Manager of the Company, this is one of the highest conversion ratios from a single Institution. According to him the quality of our students and their communication skills are at par with those of the premier Institutions of India.
Other companies are also about to visit Mody University for Campus Recruitment Process in the near future for Engineering as well as Management students.
Students of Mody University have proved their worth again!
Prof. (Dr.) Vishwanath Prasad Hon’ble President, Mody University, Prof (Dr.) J.V. Desai, Dean, Faculty of Engineering & Technology and the Team CDC, including Mr. Sudhanshu K. Sinha, Mr. Saurav Badoni, Ms. Asha Acharya and Mr. Biju Gopinath congratulated the selected students of Mody University.