Rhetorica 2014

After 5 months of hardwork, finally Rhetorica is only a few days away. The entire Secretariat is excited and nervous. The Organizing Committee is on its toes. Right from making posters to arranging everything for the fest, they do not have a minute to spare.
Yesterday the OC and the Secretariat got together to plan the events and make posters. It was a good 4 hours of hardwork, leg pulling and fun!! Now that the posters have been made, the OC will be putting it up all over the campus today. The publicity of the fest is at it’s PEAK!!
Also, an extension to the MUN workshop that was held a few weeks back, MOCK MUN is scheduled at the request of the students on 10th September that can be attended by everyone.
Clock is ticking, hearts are racing. Rhetorica is almost here fellas.