Training Workshop to bridge gap between company and future employees held at Mody University.

A one-day workshop was organised by John Deere in cooperation with Mody University on Monday for the third-year B.Tech. students at the campus of Mody University.
The workshop “Campus to Corporate” was aimed to bridge the gap between the company and the future employees.
Manoj Dandwal, HR, John Deere and Manpreet Singh Matharoo, Manager, Quality and Manufacturing Engineering from Patiala unit were the key speakers during the event.
The workshop was conducted for 100 students comprising of two batches of 50 students each. The session began with 10 minutes of briefing on the company profile, John Deer, followed by the various activities needed to groom the future employees. The main topics of discussion were “How to crack interviews”, “How to incorporate People Skills, and Team Building Skills”, and “How to maintain a behavioural attitude throughout”.
During the sessions, the students were asked to recreate their dreams and passion in a chart sheet using all the old magazines and newspapers as their resources. The main objective of this exercise was to make the students realise the importance of a long-term plan like 5-year plan. This activity helped students to portray their aspirations even more flexibly.

The speakers also had focused session on “change in attitude in whatever field you deal with”. Talking to the students, Dandwal said that “a positive attitude can really make dreams come true.” During the session, the students were asked to fill a questionnaire about their strengths, weakness and motivation in a form of a short story. After filling the questionnaire, few students were asked to narrate their stories. The main motive was to “listen and interact” and see how one could change their weakness to strength and how strength can be the reason for daily motivation.

To remove the doubts of the students, mock interview sessions were also held with ten students in each session. The slot of 50 was divided into group of 10 each and each group was asked to nominate 2 volunteers, 1 as the interviewer and other as an interviewee while the rest 8 were the observers/critics who has to judge the question pattern and the answer sequence and have to give a summarize report at the end of the interview.
Speaking on the occasion, Sudanshu Sinha, Career Development Cell (CDC) said, “The workshop fulfilled its objective and the students understood well about the entire process of an interview. We are pretty sure that the students have hands on experience on soft skills regarding interviews. The training session will surely help our students in enabling a smooth ingress to the corporate world.”