A peep into the Banking world!-An Industry Interaction session was organized at Mody University

Finance is the life blood of trade, commerce and industry. So, a bank acts as the backbone of modern business. Critical to our economy, a bank acts as our trusted place to keep our valuables and is responsible for development of any country.

Always believing in imparting practical knowledge to the students, Mody University of Science and Technology organized an Industry Interaction session for the MBA students. Organized on August 1, 2014-the industry interaction was a great exposure for the Faculty of Management (FMS) students. The session had Mr. Rajesh Shah, Branch Manager, ICICI Bank throw light on the banking industry which proved to very helpful for the students who want to make a career in this industry. Banking system in India is very strong. Mr. Shah in his lecture also said how banking sector is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and how this growth has brought ample opportunities for the aspiring students.

The session became interesting and motivating when Mr. Shah stated the importance of women in the banking sectors and how they are dominating men in this field. Women, after giving men a run for their money in the information technology industry, are now storming another male bastion-bank sector! The research shows over 40% applicants for bank jobs are women. The challenging nature of the financial sector and the job security drive many women to this sector. Since, women are more practical and moderate in risk taking and they handle customers much better than men-they have made a important place in the banking world.

The session motivated many young minds which paved the way for them to think about a career in the banking field. Mody University, committed to women empowerment, always tries to arrange these kind of interactive sessions which help the students to make a career in the field that have always dreamt of.