Learning made fun;An Industrial visit arranged for Management students of Mody University

Education paves the way to enlightenment and empowerment. A university of higher learning and imbibing you in a world class education, Mody University of Science and Technology along with instilling academic expertise aspires you to achieve your dreams and goals. The university goes beyond books and tries to impart practical knowledge to the students too which promotes learning in a fun way. Industrial visit is the perfect way to do that.

Mody University has arranged an industrial visit for the students of Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) at Jaipur. The visit, which will take place on August 2, 2014 will give the students the perfect exposure they need which will be beneficial to their overall knowledge. Industrial visits are meant to minimise the gap between a university and an industry by being a bridge between them. Industrial visits are very important for every management student as it provides as clear picture to the managers in the making who have the zeal for a bright future. Industrial visits provide vital information about the organization, its performances and various functioning process of the organization. As organizational behaviour is a part of the management, it is necessary for a manager to understand the atmosphere of the organization.

The students will be visiting Clay Craft India limited, Vishwakarma Industrial area, Jaipur and ICICI fully automated branch (Human less), MI road, Jaipur. The visit will be made interesting by showing how these industries work and what actually goes on at a place of work. This will help them to get a much better view of a particular business environment and will achieve a greater awareness of careers and opportunities in a particular business environment.

Having earned an honourable name in the crockery and tableware world, Clay Craft India will be an interesting place to visit where the students can witness some creativity and art which make your dinner table look wonderful! Fully automated ICICI branch also ‘Touch Banking branch’ will be a new experience for the students. The branch which stays open for 24×7 hours, allow customers to deposit cash, withdraw money, deposit cheques and get instant receipts and transfer funds.

The university always endeavours to bring something new and unique way to make the learning process interesting. The industrial visit will motivate them and add a new dimension to students’ education, which they cannot gain in the classroom as well as helping to make connections between the different aspects of their educational experience.