Guest Lecture at CASH

A Guest Lecture was conducted in CASH in the field of Bio-Sciences on 24-11-2014. The Dean Prof. Sunil Jakhoria, CASH welcomed the two scientists Dr. Nikolai ManchevPetrov and Dr. Maria IvanovaStoyanova from Institute of Soil science, Agro—and Plant Protection, Bulgaria. They were visiting India under Indo-Bulgarian Project funded by department of Science and Technology, New Delhi and Agricultural Academy of Science, Bulgaria. During the visit they discussed about their Institute structure and different strategies for the plant disease management.

Dr. Nikolai, who is working on plant virus diseases, discussed the new technology “gene silencing” for the crop protection. He also mentioned that the countries like India and Bulgaria have the large environment diversity and due to this several biotic and abiotic stresses are more prominent. We should formulate a stable strategy against these stresses, he added.

Dr. Maria, working on Bacterial disease, discussed different opportunistic bacterial species responsible for the disease on crop as well as human beings. The two scientists are also visiting other Institute for sample collection and scientific discussion along with Dr. Rajarshi Kumar Gaur of CASH .