Outcome Report Anokhi Industrial Visit

Name of the Institute: School of Design

Event Category: As per Curriculum

Name of the Event: Industrial Visit Anokhi Farm & Visit to Narain Niwas Palace

Venue of the Event: Industrial Visit to Jaipur

Attended by no. of Students/No. of the Faculty: Students-24, Faculty- 03

Details of the Events: School of Design organized an Industrial visit to Anokhi Farm Jagatpura –
Jaipur ( concern department-Natural Dye & hand printing export house Visit of Apparel
manufacturing unit and Narain Niwas Palace), on 16/11/19 in two separate session from10.30 am to
12.30 pm(Anokhi Visit) & 1.30 p.m.to 4.00 p.m.( Narain Niwas Palace) for Second and third year
Students from school of design The academic visit enhanced the knowledge regarding the Industrial
apparel manufacturing processor on commercial level and Natural Dyeing and hand printing. And
establish the network between the domestic market and challenging international fashion scene.

Session one- it was on Industrial Visit, the speaker covered all the Working section with
contemporary style of motif repeat development process of the dyes printing during the industrial
resource person from the visiting industry explained demonstrated the whole live process of
manufacturing of apparel including different technical aspects of quality control.

Session two- It was on the visiting Session. Narain Niwas Palace concern faculty provided a
detailed description of the working style and product detailing (branding, promotion and packaging)
of the different branded stores.

Date and Time of the Start & End of the Event: 16/11/19
Name of the Coordinator/Facilitator of the Visit: Prof. (Dr.) Smriti Agarwal & Mr. Sukhvir

Further Scope of the event (i.e. Collaboration etc.): Wonderful tips for develop new pattern,
excellent knowledge regarding the new concept of design development and shared his real life
practical experience during development of the new concept of design on commercial level with all
stages of apparel production house. Students saw live processing unit including motif development,
dyeing, printing, after treatment, apparel production processor with branding promotion and
packaging of final product on commercial level.

Glimpses of the event: Session one- Anokhi Industries

Second Session- Narain Niwas Palace

Further Sir I say Thanks to the management on behalf of the faculty and students of SOD for
providing all the support because without management’s support it was not possible for us to do all

Prof. (Dr.) Smriti Agarwal