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Department Interior Design
Class 2 nd Year
Accompanying Faculties
& Staff Member
Prof. K.P. Mishra, Ms. GunjanChaplot
Travel Dates 30-09-2019
Leaving MUST 30-09-2019 at 8:00 am
Reporting back to Department 30-09-2019 at 11:00 pm
Mode of Travel By private traveler bus
Bus Agency Details By university
Accommodation details NA
Intent and Focus As per B.ID. coursecurriculum, students of2 nd year B.ID.have to
design Washrooms and Kitchen as a part of Studio (BI 211). For the
above mentioned purpose they are required to study various types
of Building materials and sanitary fixtures. So the students will be
documenting and collecting materials related to the same.
Student will understand the various types of sanitary fixtures and
building materials along with their specifications and installations.
They will implicate all above factors in their design project.
Proposed itinerary Visit to New Arish Market Jaipur
Checklist &Other Details 1. Parent’s clearance form and student undertaking

2. Hard copy of all bookings
3. Student Attendance list

Report and Photographs a. To be submitted to Library for e-records with proper naming

and filing etiquettes.

Sign & name Coordinator Ms. Gunjan Chaplot
Sign Librarian
(Photographs + Report
Sign Dean CAD

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