Captured into frame, Mody University of Science and Technology got covered by Times Now

Captured into frame, Mody University of Science and Technology got covered by Times Now

Mody University of Science and Technology – a name committed to women education, rooted to Indian cultures and traditions. Times Now brought the university into frame by an exclusive coverage. The show covered the history of the University, its vision and mission to change the scenario of women education in India and its world class infrastructure.

This show covered the 300 acre green lush campus, which provides a feeling of ‘a home away from home’ along with high class academic ambience, rooted to our culture. It redefines the education with traditions and spiritual values.

After visiting a desert in 1988, Mr. Rajendra Prasad Mody dreamt of building an oasis. An oasis of education for women of the country. The show brought into limelight the dream and vision of building an ideal university for women where they can learn, create and groom amidst a spiritual environment. His continuous effort and commitment has made a small school grow to an established university with a true amalgamation of world class infrastructure, educational facilities and spiritual values.

In an age when women hold a strong feet with men in every front and compete with them in every sphere of life, this coverage showed how Mody University turns to a perfect ground for women to nurture herself with advance education, professional training and expert guidance. The University imparts quality education to the students by providing advanced educational programme structure, highly technological labs, resourceful library. To enhance global career opportunities it also offers foreign language courses. Expert faculty members are there to train them professionally and encourage them explore the world and shape up their career in their desired field. It’s a gateway to global opportunities and educating empowering women.

“Education is a meditation that you achieve through knowledge”. The show covered how the education blends into spirituality and meditation in the tranquil ambience of Tapovan, where students can meditate and reinvigorate their inner self through Yoga. It’s a place where the purity of nature and the vibration of continuous recitation of ‘Vedic Mantra’ creates ripple in their hearts and sanctify their soul.

The show covered it all- how the university encourages all the students indulge into sports, art, drama and all the other co-curricular activities which helps them to realise their talents. They organize various cultural shows and talent hunts to find the best out of them. They go for industrial tours, excursion and academic events to imbibe the knowledge beyond classroom and to experience the professional world.

Now you can experience the world of Mody University by a single click.