A Guest Lecture in Psychology – “Positivity in Life”

Guest lecture Copy A Guest Lecture in Psychology   “Positivity in Life”As an intellectual follow-up of a workshop in Psychology, Department of Psychology, FASC organized a talk by Prof. S.S. Nathawat, Director of Institute of Behavioural and Allied Sciences, Amity University, Rajasthan on Positivity in Life on 6th September, 2014. He spoke on the Seligman’s idea of positive mental health and suggested seventy five simple techniques to practice the positivity in our every-day life. The intellectual rigour matched a humorous counterpart in his lecture which enabled him to simplify very abstruse ideas in the most colloquial language imaginable. Professor Uma Joshi summarized the key ideas of his lectures with a vote of thanks. While praising the subtlety of the lecture, Professor Sunil Jakhoria, Dean, FASC honoured the guest with a suitable souvenir at the end of lecture.