Industrial Visit to IBM Research – India

img2 3 Industrial Visit to IBM Research – India

School of Business (SOB) organized industrial trip to IBM Research – India @ New Delhi on 8th November 2019. “Established in 1998, IBM Research – India has emerged as a premier research lab in the region with an impressive list of achievements, including innovations in blockchain, service delivery, and more. With locations in New Delhi and Bengaluru, the lab is focused on a wide array of projects in exploratory and applied research”. The trip was meant to provide the MBA students exposure on impacts of Industry 4.0 on management and business and its use in
business models.

Sessions were divided in three parts. Session I started with IBM and its history, about the different components of industry 4.0, how they make production or services more efficient and effective, and to find the optimum solution for the business problems in various areas. For example how Cloud and AI technology with analytics help the USTA in different areas.
Areas of Blockchain was touched upon and was explained. Focus was on Blockchain application and its advantages in different fields and industries. Also explained was Bitcoin – a product of Blockchain technology. The students saw the implementation of Blockchain technology in Walmart for food safety solution. Also explained were data analytics, system integration, automation, stages of analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Then next session highlighted the topics like Power AI Vision with the live demonstration with steps involved in it and the insightful solutions to the clients, why the clients will use the AI technology. Students learnt the application of such technology in different industries. Concluding session was on topic of technology and strategy. It focused on the user experience
and technology which has become the biggest enabler to the business and the revenue enhancement – how the strategy and technology come hand in hand in the boardroom of every company and business –how technology curb 2% of marketing costs of companies by changing from telephonic conversation to chat-bots. Major take away from the session for the
students was how technology is the biggest enabler in today’s world and that without technology no business will prosper. So Industry 4.0 have a great impact but its application and solution differs from industry to industry. The world is set to witness an era of great change in the workplace. Navigating and building a career in a time of great change requires shifts in
mindsets and skills.